The crystal chandelier

The crystal chandelier

The crystal chandelier represents a real piece of furniture and it must align itself better with all the other elements of the house.
This element, in addition to being functional, represents an added value to the environment in which it is installed as a symbol of elegance and wealth.

Crystal chandeliers add an unmistakable touch of class. They stand out for the excellence of the materials with which they are produced. If we think of Lux Lighting, the chandeliers represent the flagship of a production made in Italy, which takes its cue from the ancient glass masters, true artists of the lighting industry.

Able to combine functional and aesthetic aspects, the crystal chandelier fits perfectly not only in modern furnishings, but also in any style, even the most traditional.

Lux Lighting shows a range of modern crystal chandeliers, which will give your rooms a refined elegance.


What is the ideal place for a chandelier?

Talking about “chandeliers” in the second decade of the 2000s may be out of step with a world that is constantly looking to the future and innovation.
In an era dominated by creations with a strong sustainable and aesthetic performance, such as floor lamps or wall lamps, the chandelier still manages to resist the advance of time and play an important role in the lighting design of one’s environment.

But where is the ideal place for a chandelier? In this article, let’s find out where this product, with its ancient origins, naturally fits in.

Living room::

We couldn’t help but start with the living room, the place par excellence for spending weekend evenings with family and friends. In the perfect setting for conviviality and leisure, the idea of installing an imposing chandelier, with an agile aesthetic appearance but at the same time extremely characteristic, fits in naturally. So let’s give the green light to a large chandelier with warm, diffuse light. In this case, a majestic chandelier such as Queen is a must: a collection in hand-blown ribbed glass and a metal structure produced and painted by hand.


The bedroom also requires a respectable chandelier, especially for the prestige that the environment assumes. This is the place of intimacy, where to spend the dark hours of the night. But it is also the place to prepare for an evening out or for the working day. Here, we can recommend Empire, a chandelier that evokes the splendour of the imperial style. The hand-blown glass Chandelier is characterised by slender lines and the perfect combination of blown glass and brass. The handmade decorations. A traditional chandelier full of history, able to combine well the intimacy of the night with the history of the room.

Dining room:

In the ideal place for a chandelier, the dining room leads back to the concept of concentrated lighting, especially on the table, the place where meals are eaten.
For good lighting, it is advisable to install a chandelier that can give off a warm, but not blinding light. From the Lux Illuminazione range, we propose the Fanny chandelier, a collection in brass and Limoges, with a handcrafted gold leaf finish. A creation that evokes tradition and spreads that warmth suitable for being together during lunch or dinner.

Each of these three rooms is the ideal place for a chandelier. Living room, bedroom and dining room evoke both history and progress. Tradition and modernity together to creates lighting that is warm or cold, diffuse or concentrated.

Lighting in true Lux style.

Lamp Satin

Satin, a lamp full elegance

Discover the light. Do it with https://luxilluminazione.com/en/prodotto/satin-1-light-lamp/Satin.
A bedside lamp with incomparable charm, capable of giving style and richness to the rooms it illuminates.

This lamp synthesizes and blends a rich Rococo style and a decisive contemporary rigor. The result is an object of refined elegance.

Between history and the contemporary world, Satin knows how to adapt perfectly to every era, thanks to that extra value it is able to release. With an apparently slender stature, this lamp manages to emanate greatness. In fact, it is the details that make the difference: absolutely distinctive, it presents a refined juxtaposition of metal details finished in gold, with protruding shapes in red glass, surmounted by a satin pink shade and adorned with a bordeau band.

Satin is a valuable masterpiece of the https://luxilluminazione.com/en/Lux Illuminazione world.
Satin is art and history in one body. A rich and elegant light that gives greater value to the environments it gives life to.

Lux Craftmen

Our craftsmen, the soul of Lux Illuminazione

Art that meets labor. This is the essence of Lux Illuminazione.
Every day, dozens of artisans take care of every little detail to continue to tell a beautiful story of tradition and desire to amaze: the story of the Lux world.

Tireless and manic. Our artisans are the centerpiece of our glow on the world. They are the soul of every single product. They are the continuation of a work that has evolved over the years, never stopped, but always ready to renew itself.

The world of Lux Illuminazione owes everything to them, to their desire to continue in the footsteps of the master glassmakers, illuminating the most precious environments, up to exceed national borders.

Thanks to our craftsmen, who enthuse our production centers every day, today Lux Illuminazione is a brand recognized all over the world. A small, great masterpiece of the lighting sector that wants to grow, continuing to light up houses and whole cities, transforming everything into a great emotion.

Lux Illuminazione Catalogs

The two Lux Illuminazione catalogs: styles and trends to admire

The history of Lux Illuminazione is contained in its catalogs: Classic and News.
A double possibility that opens the doors to an infinite offer of styles, aligned with the trends of the lighting market: from classic to modern.

A chandelier exhorts majesty. An applique manifests delicacy.
The world of Lux Illuminazione has its distinctive mark in the care and choice of materials. The decorations made from the best Italian tradition, enriched by a contemporary vision: this is the philosophy of Lux production.

The two catalogs are a journey and a visual experience in the elegance that characterize all the products.

Authentic beauties made in the sign of Made in Italy, which give immense value to their environments.

Light, as a symbol of magnificence.
Two catalogs that express work, tradition and passion.
Lux Lighting constantly lights up our souls.

Fanny Lux Illuminazione

Fanny, warmth and hospitality for the home

A unique atmosphere of warmth and hospitality. This is the feeling that Fanny, lamp by Lux Illuminazione, irradiates.

Its shape displays elegance and its soft but decisive light displays hospitality and love.

Fanny is available in various versions: lamp, applique, floor lamp and chandelier.
There is an adaptation for each and every environment of the house.

With Fanny we find back our sense of tranquility through its warm light and simple shapes, representative of Lux Illuminazione’s idea of design.

Its essence becomes the light that shines in our house and on the lives of everybody that lives in it.

Glass Murano

The history of Murano glass, an emblematic lesson for Lux Illuminazione

We used the summer break to travel. Yes, with a backpack on our shoulders, we decided to discover the ancient traditions of glass in its symbol city: Murano.

Murano is an island inserted in maritime Venice, which has found its independence and autonomy since the time of Napoleon. This is where the ultra-centennial history of blown glass unfolds.
In addition to visiting the streets of the island, we visited a historic furnace, created by two great men with a passion for glass: Eugenio Ferro e Giovanni Lazzarini.

In this space, created in 1929, the ancient tools of grandparents and fathers are still used, who worked the glass with dedication and art.
But the origins of glass, in Murano, are much more remote: the intriguing history of Murano glass begins in 1291, when it was decided to move the glass factories from Venice to Murano. Over the years, Murano glass has experienced crises, adaptations to different eras and notable periods of splendor.

Glass is nothing but silica, a powder that transforms into a liquid at high temperatures. It is in the transition from liquid to solid state that glass becomes malleable and moldable, thus allowing the glassmaker to create unique works.
Over time, the experience gained has allowed the glass masters to adopt different glass processes, then dividing the process into two phases: the first includes those procedures that use the raw material, such as sand, soda and other compounds, which are then melted in specialized ovens. In the second process, cold processes are processed, such as decoration, engraving and grinding.
Inside the Ferro e Lazzarini furnace we were lucky enough to witness the production of real works of art. It is amazing how grains of sand manage to shape a prancing glass horse.

The teachings of the glass masters have allowed the glass artisans of Lux Illuminazione to design chandeliers rich in history and style, which have been able to adapt to different world eras: from the Made in Italy style and essential, to the Russian style, where wealth and extravagance predominate.

It is thanks to the glass masters and the centuries-old tradition of Murano glass that the art of Lux Illuminazione took shape, expanding in Italy and around the world.

Russian furniture: between the imperial past and the pursuit of innovation

Russian furniture: between the imperial past and the pursuit of innovation

Traveling. Stop in Moscow and fall in love with a unique style, which has been able to adapt to the changes of the time, especially in furnishings.
From villas to student residences, Russian houses adapt to the different strata of the Russian social ladder.

The influence of history linked to the imperial style of France is still present, but contemporaneity requires a change of pace and, from this point of view, Russia was not caught unprepared. Indeed, it has brought modernity into homes, thanks to a simple and linear design and an imposing chandelier park.

Gold always remains the trait d’union of the Russian furniture modernization campaign. It can be seen both outside the homes and inside: from the taps in the bathroom to the details of the living room, to the giant chandeliers that illuminate the different rooms.

A symbol of that never forgotten imperial style, Lux Illuminazione chandeliers create further value in Russian homes. They give wealth. They feed the glitz. Bright, with details that make the difference, the chandeliers best represent Russian elegance and style.
Ideal for environments that look to the future, without forgetting the past.

Furnishing a living room or bedroom inspired by the style of Moscow and the whole of Russia means combining the most classic materials of the imperialist tradition with the more contemporary ones of modern living.

Lux Illuminazione

Lux Illuminazione chandeliers, true works of art

Beautiful and handcrafted, but above all Made in Italy.

Lux Illuminazione chandeliers can be defined as real luminous sculptures appreciated beyond national borders, especially in Eastern European countries.

Aesthetic beauty and geometric lines combined to make the different rooms of the house unique and full of personality.

Having a Lux Illuminazione chandelier means having the privilege of admiring sumptuous works, for the history and tradition they transmit.

From the work of the glass masters of the past to the evolution that looks to the future, Lux Illuminazione chandeliers are true works of art to be admired.

Lux Illuminazione, the art of knowing how to do Italian

Lux Illuminazione, the art of knowing how to do Italian

Professionalism. Commitment. Passion. These are the three essential components to make Lux Illuminazione chandeliers real works of art.

Following in the footsteps of the master glassmakers, our collaborators work the glass every day, shape it and create chandeliers useful for illuminating the most important rooms of our homes. A meticulous work, which leaves nothing to chance, but takes care of every single detail.

This same work is the result of careful planning, which is made up of vision, a precise design and a desire to look to the future with determination, without forgetting the teachings of those who they made the material of glass great.

Each Lux Illuminazione chandelier represents the continuation of an endless story, which began with the aim of innovating the lighting sector and going beyond national borders, going to places where art is known of Italian know-how.

An art admired and sought after all over the world. A unique art, never backward, always one step ahead.

It is the art of Lux Illuminazione. An art of the Ciciriello family.

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