Lux Illuminazione, the art of knowing how to do Italian

Professionalism. Commitment. Passion. These are the three essential components to make Lux Illuminazione chandeliers real works of art.

Following in the footsteps of the master glassmakers, our collaborators work the glass every day, shape it and create chandeliers useful for illuminating the most important rooms of our homes. A meticulous work, which leaves nothing to chance, but takes care of every single detail.

This same work is the result of careful planning, which is made up of vision, a precise design and a desire to look to the future with determination, without forgetting the teachings of those who they made the material of glass great.

Each Lux Illuminazione chandelier represents the continuation of an endless story, which began with the aim of innovating the lighting sector and going beyond national borders, going to places where art is known of Italian know-how.

An art admired and sought after all over the world. A unique art, never backward, always one step ahead.

It is the art of Lux Illuminazione. An art of the Ciciriello family.

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