Lamp Satin

Discover the light. Do it with https://luxilluminazione.com/en/prodotto/satin-1-light-lamp/Satin.
A bedside lamp with incomparable charm, capable of giving style and richness to the rooms it illuminates.

This lamp synthesizes and blends a rich Rococo style and a decisive contemporary rigor. The result is an object of refined elegance.

Between history and the contemporary world, Satin knows how to adapt perfectly to every era, thanks to that extra value it is able to release. With an apparently slender stature, this lamp manages to emanate greatness. In fact, it is the details that make the difference: absolutely distinctive, it presents a refined juxtaposition of metal details finished in gold, with protruding shapes in red glass, surmounted by a satin pink shade and adorned with a bordeau band.

Satin is a valuable masterpiece of the https://luxilluminazione.com/en/Lux Illuminazione world.
Satin is art and history in one body. A rich and elegant light that gives greater value to the environments it gives life to.

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