Chandelier Morgana

The light is majestic, with https://luxilluminazione.com/en/prodotto/morgana-126-lights-chandelier/Morgana.

A collection in handcrafted glass of the highest quality, distinguished by the particular oval section of the arms.

Morgana is a chandelier from 8 to 18 lights. But it is also an applique. Or a lamp for the table.

This product is multifunctional, available in different solutions, to adapt to the different rooms of the house. From the living room, to the living room, to the studio, illuminated with class.

The desire to illuminate one’s own spaces intersects with the desire to import that touch of class, which gives one’s home richness, style, comfort and, of course, lighting to be experienced.

With Morgana, you have more options to take advantage of. Don’t miss them.

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