Lux Craftmen

Art that meets labor. This is the essence of Lux Illuminazione.
Every day, dozens of artisans take care of every little detail to continue to tell a beautiful story of tradition and desire to amaze: the story of the Lux world.

Tireless and manic. Our artisans are the centerpiece of our glow on the world. They are the soul of every single product. They are the continuation of a work that has evolved over the years, never stopped, but always ready to renew itself.

The world of Lux Illuminazione owes everything to them, to their desire to continue in the footsteps of the master glassmakers, illuminating the most precious environments, up to exceed national borders.

Thanks to our craftsmen, who enthuse our production centers every day, today Lux Illuminazione is a brand recognized all over the world. A small, great masterpiece of the lighting sector that wants to grow, continuing to light up houses and whole cities, transforming everything into a great emotion.

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